Monday Morning Wave

by tom riedel posted 13. Mai 2013 category me, monday morning wave

Skipping through my unorganized hard disc was always a good decision in this coldwater springtimes…

My eyes got stuck on this very old pic…..




dammm, how good and how happpy i am looking at this pic!!!


I was the happiest man alive… i got 2 month holiday, i got a beautiful girlfriend, i got a job and i loved it, a japanese van just with a gas stove, boards and matrace …..which brought us over 3000 km through the island of new zealand…..we lived cheap but loved the simple way..


looking from this past point……. to me right now its a pretty weard feeling crawling up my skin……

to me it seems that i have lost my keys on my way to the here and now…….

but hold on..they have not been stolen, they are still here….they are not lost for sure!!

i think just did not jused them anymore

Surfing and the waves, liquid moments always kept me going..these are my keys…my drugs and my addiction……time to use them more then before….and lets share!!!


from now on you will get some mindsurfing monday morning waves…lean back infront of your office….get your a cup of fresh hot tea or coffee..lean back…loook and do a little mindsurfing… it up and down inhale exhale……the real surf is coming soon and monday will pass quikly…


take care my friends…..

and have a nice week…and dont forget to mindsurf!!!!

zoobab is doing "da kat" at el palmar

zoobab is doing “da kat”
at el palmar


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